What We Do

YPB supply top class builders plastics and all types of roofing insulation.

  • DPC’s
  • Construction/Builders Plastics
  • DIY Cut Packs (plastic sheeting cut to size of choice)
  • Roofing Insulation (Domestic to Industrial)
  • Ceiling Insulation

YPB also cater to the HVAC markets’ needs in supplying high quality insulating and noise absorbing materials

  • Duct Wrap
  • Sonic Liner
  • Energylite Batts
Stretch Pallet Wrap

Stretch Pallet Wrap

SABS DPC Brickgrip

SABS & non-SABS Black Plastic Sheeting


Galvanized Wire
DIY Cut Packs

Galvanized Wire

DIY Cut Packs

Bubble Wrap


Yeyakho Plumbing & Building Supplies are the official distributor of Alucushion throughout the entire Eastern Cape region.

Alucushion has been acknowledged by the trade as the best and easiest thermal insulation on the market to install.

Other highly regarded and quality products are also supplied, such as:

  • Starlite                             
  • Duct wrap
  • Sisalation                       
  • Sonic Liner
  • Isotherm             
  • Energylite rolls and batts
  • Lambdaboard
  • Isoboard
  • Factorylite

All the products are used by the best roofers and cladders known in the industry as well as the aircon ducting manufacturers

If you also want to use these top products for your projects, contact us for the best prices and service

Yeyakho in Xhosa means “FOR YOU” That’s what Yeyakho Plumbing & Building Supplies is here for….

’For You’ the customer!

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